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Five Reasons You Should Say ‘No’ to an International Assignment

The opportunity to make an employer-sponsored international move can be hard to resist. Why would anyone refuse the chance to take an exciting position in a new country and be well paid in the process? An expat assignment can feel like the perfect opportunity to advance professionally; it can also hold the prospect of a thrilling adventure – on your…

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5 Things You Need to Know to Make a Great Family Move

If you find the thought of moving internationally by yourself intimidating, how would you feel about doing that with a family in tow? Family moves are trickier than single moves because of the numbers: more of you are moving. This means: more needs, concerns, desires, emotions, and challenges to take into account throughout the process. It includes more complex negotiations…

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Gift Guide for Expats

…or some of the stuff that helps me navigate expat life If you’re running late in getting Christmas presents, you’re definitely in good company. Here’s some food for thought (and gifts!) for the expat(s) in your life. You might decide to include some of those in your own letter to Santa 🙂 Note: This is not a sponsored post and I’m…

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