Are you ready to break free from what's keeping you trapped, take control of your life and career, and live up to your full potential without feeling guilty or overwhelmed?
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Hi! I’m Katia. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active coach (CPCC) trained at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I work with talented, ambitious, globally minded women who feel trapped by their own choices—whether that’s taking a step back in their career, moving to a new country or starting a family—and want to live up to their full potential and pursue their aspirations without being weighed down by guilt or overwhelm. I’m passionate about supporting my globally mobile clients as they navigate important life transitions—pivotal moments of change and growth—both personal and professional. With 25+ years as an expat myself, in addition to years of research, writing and speaking on cross-cultural transitions and global mobility, I’m also the author of A Great Move: Surviving and Thriving in Your Expat Assignment, the ultimate guide for making successful international moves. My new, upcoming book is a memoir about making bold decisions and breaking free.


Supporting You To Make Bold Decisions To Build The Life You Want

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    “Katia is a motivating and caring coach, who will walk you through your challenges with passion and confidence, kindness and determination. She will assist you in making your life decisions, while thoughtfully challenging the way you look at your own situation. She is not judgmental, works with purpose, and will surely enrich your journey. I truly recommend her. She’s a great coach.”

    Chiara C. – Blogger & Entrepreneur

    “I always knew that I have strengths and weaknesses, but focusing on my strengths and accepting, even making the best of my weaknesses was among the many things I learned from coaching with Katia. She’s an intelligent and attentive listener and observer. I warmly recommend coaching with her to everyone. It’s a great experience!”

    Amal P. – Banking Executive

    “I highly recommend Katia as a coach. I quickly felt comfortable with her, driven by her energy and enthusiasm. Already from our first session, I felt that I was making real progress. Katia is an excellent professional, great at helping you identify the essential questions and issues that you need to work on.”

    Solange S. – Marketing Executive

    “An amazing coach, a warm heart and super intelligent. Her wisdom & experiences are worth their weight in gold. I come away from my conversations with Katia feeling energized, clear on my priorities and highly inspired. I recommend Katia as a coach and her book wholeheartedly! Thank you Katia for the work you do.”

    Meera R., Life Coach

    “Working with Katia has been a pleasure and has made a great impact in both my professional and personal life. Katia has helped me navigate a complex transition period, and along the way, she’s also helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses. Overall, Katia’s coaching has allowed me to more clearly see and articulate what I want for my life and career in the shorter and longer term, and she has empowered me with excellent tools to make difficult decisions and to manage stress. I noticeably feel calmer and more at peace after my sessions with Katia, and consequently, I feel happier with my actions and decisions.”

    Lily F., Consultant & Data Analyst

    “I was looking for a professional coach to advise and coach me through the transition into my next career stage. For me, it is important that my coach understands the way I choose to live and that moving to different countries is part of my life. Katia Vlachos is a specialist in coaching ex-pats and people who are facing life transitions. Her experience as an ex-pat and former researcher sets her apart from other coaches. Within the coaching sessions, we have had very useful exchanges. Instead of mapping out a direct path, Katia helped me design a broader purpose and opened me up to new perspectives. The conversations with Katia were about identifying my strengths, identifying values and goals, reducing blind-spots, and becoming more self-aware in the choices I make. I learned a lot from her on dealing with negotiation and communication challenges and finding a guiding vision. Overall, Katia’s coaching has been fruitful in making me think more about what motivates me and thinking about the nature of work that will inspire me in the future. The hour-long conversations and ‘homework’ has provided me with much-needed reflection. I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Katia and find her very warm, welcoming, focused and well-reflected.”

    Nele L., University Professor

    “I have lived outside my country for more than 10 years and I have experienced lots of wonderful things.
    I’ve met my husband, I’ve known great people, travelled to amazing places, grown as a person, learned different languages, tasted different flavors, overcome difficult times and the list keeps on growing.
    Also, I’m convinced that we are giving great opportunity to our kids with it.
    This year is exceptional, it will be the longest period I’m away from my beloveds. Great things are happening here, but still I miss them everyday
    How can we balance that? Can we have more than one home? Can you be happy and sad at the same time?! If you hear me with any of these feelings, I highly recommend you to contact Katia, She is an experienced expat and career coach and an expat herself but above all she is a marvellous person who will listen and guide you through this journey.”

    Marta C., Montessori teacher

    “I started working with Katia during a period of professional and personal transition as a new expat. As an expat herself, Katia guided me and supported me along the process of reprioritizing my life as well as of setting and achieving my goals. I highly recommend Katia because she is a great coach and most importantly because she has a marvelous personality that makes you enjoy the whole process.”

    Aliki, Project Manager

    “I had the opportunity to follow Katia’s coaching sessions for both professional & personal needs. Katia is able to assess your personality with strengths and weaknesses in a very short time and helps you design your professional program around your personal needs and inspiration. Her attitude, listening and strong interpersonal skills are making you leaving the room with self-confidence and positive attitude. I highly recommend Katia’s coaching sessions.”

    D. Laming, Senior Executive

    “I have worked with Katia for a few months and the empathy and compassion she brings to the table is incomparable. I personally benefitted a great deal after having worked with her and was successful in bringing about an enormous change in my life. I would highly recommend her coaching as she adds a lot of value and puts the client’s needs at the top of the list. She is one person who always displays a lot of flexibility and support towards her Clients. Looking forward to working with her in the future.”

    Deepa, Life Coach and Facilitator

    “Coaching with Katia has been a pleasure! She is easy to talk to, has a positive vitality, and a professional and honest approach to coaching. Katia helped me made analyze why I was making certain decisions, how to look at them from different angles and how to repack them. I have become more aware of my different saboteurs (if you don’t know what saboteurs are, you should consider contacting Katia…) and how to control them better. Since our first session, Katia has been a great thought provoker and cheerleader. If you are looking for someone to confide in, learn more about yourself and discover your potential, Katia is the right person who I can highly recommend!”

    A. Schmitt, Teen Girl & TCK Life Coach

    “My wife and I were having difficulty making a big life decision of whether to continue to live abroad in Munich, return home to our ‘secure’ job and schools for our kids back home in the US, or move to Zurich. Over the course of several weeks, we tied ourselves in knots trying to independently make a decision. We flip/flopped back and forth between our three options to the point that we could no longer differentiate which opportunity was best for our family. With only 6 weeks to make this important decision, we recognized that we needed the counsel of a well-skilled, compassionate, and experienced person to help us better evaluate these options and come to a final decision from a place of strength rather than desperation. Katia is all of those things and more!

    As a result of working with Katia, we were able to explore each of the options, quantify our personal values by using a Life Wheel, and then exploring our feelings in our weekly sessions. After lots of introspection and lively discussions, along with well thought out homework assignments between our meetings we were able to comfortably come to a final decision. Katia’s assistance helped us quiet the ‘noise’ so we could finally hear what our gut was telling us and be confident in that choice.

    My wife and I highly recommend Katia without any hesitation and will continue our relationship with her for years to come. Her interpersonal skills are so fantastic it is as if we were talking to a close friend. Katia listens attentively and consistently asks thought-provoking questions that helped lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and our feelings. We feel extremely fortunate to have worked with her during this time.”

    Rob & Julie Sitomer, School counsellors

    “I didn’t want to stop the coaching sessions with Katia. The biggest challenge at the beginning was to talk about personal subjects to someone I don’t know, I never saw before. But Katia always found a way to help me feel comfortable. She also challenged me to really think deeply about me, my life, my dreams, what kind of person I am. What are my values, why do I do things the way I do, etc. ? All these questions (and many more) and following discussions helped me to have the courage do the next step – to really consider changing my job. Meanwhile, I’m looking for a new challenge. Katia helped me to see my hidden desires, sorted my ideas and took my uncertainty away.”

    Angela Salender, Executive Assistant

    “When I started working with Katia, I was overwhelmed with many areas of my life that I wanted to improve – everything from health to career as well as personal growth. And I was attempting to navigate all of this while planning a move abroad.

    Katia blended her deep personal knowledge of living as an expat with exceptional coaching skills during our work together. Our relationship continued for over a year as I explored new topics and transitioned my career and life completely (from corporate to self employed, from perfectionist to more experimental, from stressed to more fun-loving!). I’ve put in a lot of personal effort to achieve this, yet I cannot imagine how I would have achieved it without her. Thank you, Katia.”

    Lara Meyer, Life Coach

    “When I started working with Katia, I had just moved to Germany for work, and had trouble defining my possible future(s) after this step, and how to meet professional and personal goals. After six sessions of intense discussion, projection, and exercises with Katia, I managed to clearly define what I want to achieve in the coming years and what compromise I will or will not accept, which makes me much more peaceful and happy. Katia always made the discussions very interesting and comfortable, asking the right questions and suggesting relevant exercises, with a very good memory of what we have discussed in previous sessions, and very high empathy! I highly recommend working with her!”

    Victor C., Post-Doctoral Researcher

    “Katia is a highly skilled and intuitive coach. She was a great thinking partner during my coaching certification journey and helped me to move forward with greater levels of confidence and to discover new perspectives around my professional areas of growth and aspirations. I approached her with very specific goals in mind and, in the end, achieved much more than I had envisioned! I strongly recommend Katia to anyone looking for a caring, talented and impactful coach.”

    Lucila P., University Dean

    “I recently relocated with my husband and our three small children from the US to Switzerland and, through a series of fortunate events, I was connected with Katia. When I first met her, I was overwhelmed with the flood of changes that an international move brings, not to mention drowning with unprocessed events from the past 5 years. I was nervous for my first appointment with her, but in less than an hour, she created an atmosphere of trust and respect that felt both comfortable and organic. And from there, it only improved. My time with Katia was productive in every aspect of my life, and her expertise in expat life was an enormous boon- reading her book, “A Great Move,” was a turning point for me in understanding and addressing the reasons I was struggling to adjust to life in Switzerland. I’m also walking away from our sessions with greater clarity on “what/who I want to be when I grow up” thanks to our discussions and the tools she has developed and shared with me. Overall, working with Katia has given me a sense of peace, hope, and empowerment. I would, without a shred of doubt, highly recommend Katia.

    Kim Steinhoff, Finance Business Partner

    I had the choice between different coaches at the beginning – intuitively, I chose Katia. My intuition was totally correct! Katia is so affectionate, open, and positive. From the beginning, I had a good connection and felt safe and comfortable talking to her.

    Initially, I wanted to do “career coaching” to know where I want to go and if that’s the right path for me. After four hours with Katia, I had a much clearer picture – of my possible career path but mainly of myself! The questions she confronted me with were not always easy and made me think deeper about what I am actually struggling with. I ended up unraveling my fears, which hindered me from having the self-confidence to pursue my plans and aspirations.

    There is a lot more to do, but with Katia I feel very positive and safe to explore further the things holding me back or giving me hard times.

    I sincerely thank you, Katia, and look forward for more lessons you coach me to come!

    Dr. Leonore Jungandreas, Postdoctoral Researcher

    I moved to Germany and was in the process of adaptation to a new personal and professional life setting. So, my objective was to find a good compromise between work and fun and also to improve my soft skills. Katia created a space where I could feel comfortable and was always open to listen. More than that, she was really empowering! During the sessions I learned new approaches on how to deal with my inner critic and now I have a better understanding about me. I also have collected tools that can help me at any time! I highly recommend working with Katia!

    Daniela H., Postdoctoral Researcher


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