The Uncaged Journey


Reclaim your power and make bold decisions
to build the life you want

The Uncaged Journey is
for you if:

  • You had big dreams and often wonder what happened to them. You feel like you’re wasting your potential. You’re ambitious and capable, but haven’t used your talents in a while.

  • You love caring for your family, but want something more. You want to do work that’s meaningful and fulfilling; that challenges you and allows you to use your brain for a change. You want to be financially independent or at least be able to contribute your share to the family budget.

  • You have a comfortable lifestyle for which you’re grateful. Yet it sometimes feels like you’re in a golden cage. You entered it willingly through your own choices – whether these were to move countries, leave your job or take a step back in your career to raise a family, or something else. As comfortable as it is, it’s still a cage and you don’t want to be there anymore. But you often feel powerless to change anything in your life.

  • You’re going through a life transition:

  • You’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a while, but now your children are older and at school. You have more time in your hands, but don’t know what you want to do with it.

  • You’re going through a separation and have to figure out how to make your new life work;

  • You’ve been on the same career path for years, but now it doesn’t feel meaningful or satisfying. Sometimes it’s even boring. You long for something different; but what?

At the same time

  • You feel low on confidence and exhausted from trying to balance all the demands on you that you can’t even begin to think about making changes in your life.

  • You struggle to prioritize yourself and your needs. Everyone else’s come before yours; otherwise you feel guilty. You don’t feel that you have the right to invest in yourself when you’re not contributing to the family.

  • You take online courses, read self-help books and articles, watch influencer videos about how to “take control of your life” or “live the life you love,” and it all sounds exciting but you never take any action. You stay stuck.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What now?

You want to

  • Have a sense of direction and a plan to get there.

  • Do work that engages and fulfills you, and maybe even makes a difference in the world.

You have no idea what that is or how to figure it out.

But you know that when you find it, you will feel:

  • Empowered to change your life

  • Confident as a professional again

  • Like you’re fulfilling your potential and putting your skills and talents to use

  • That you can balance the different parts of your life without feeling overwhelmed

Either you make a bold decision now to move towards a new, more meaningful path, or you stay trapped and resentful for the rest of your life.

You’re at a crossroads

How long will you stay stuck?

Staying in the cage won’t help you fulfil your potential or pursue your dreams. And it won’t help all those who would benefit from you using your gifts and talents to bring positive change to the world.

You deserve a life that aligns with your passions, values, and gifts.

The world can be a better place because of you.

Here’s what I know from my own experience of spending years in a golden cage, and coaching my clients through similar journeys:

We are responsible for the direction of our lives. It is our choice to get out of the cage (just as it was our choice to get into it) 

We can do that by changing how we think, feel, and the actions we take as a result.

All it takes is making that first bold decision.

Having a partner with you on that journey makes all the difference.

Doing it alone works – but rarely, and it will take a long time.

How long are you willing to wait?

Your time is now to GET UNCAGED.

What can you expect when you join
The Uncaged Journey program?

The Uncaged Journey is an intensive 6-month coaching program that will get you unstuck, so that you can define your vision, and make a plan for pursuing it.
You will:
  • Gain clarity about what’s keeping you stuck – the bars on the cage;
  • Identify your core values, purpose, and guiding principles as you design your new life;
  • Have a vision and clear goals for where you want to go and who you want to be;
  • Identify the bold decisions you need to make and develop an action plan for designing a life fully aligned with your values, purpose and goals;
  • Get guidance and accountability as you implement the plan.
Imagine feeling:
  • Empowered and confident to take action and make the bold decisions you need to move forward;
  • Fulfilled because you’re doing meaningful work and making a contribution to the world;
  • Proud of how far you’ve come and excited about your future again.
  • Supported, because you have a thought partner who will cheer you on and hold you accountable. Someone who’s been on this journey, understands the challenges and will guide you every step of the way.

How does it work?

As soon as you sign up for The Uncaged Journey, you will receive:

➙ Email confirmation of your access to the program;
➙ A welcome note with a link to schedule our first coaching session; and
➙ A baseline assessment, which you will need to fill out ahead of our session.

□ Over the duration of The Uncaged Journey program, we will meet online every other week for a 1-hour coaching session (12 sessions in total). During those sessions, we will dive deep into where you are, where you want to be and what’s standing in the way. We will uncover hidden thoughts, emotions and patterns of behavior, question assumptions and reframe beliefs that no longer serve you.

□ There will be homework between sessions in the form of exercises, assessments, written reflections on questions related to what we worked on, or actions that will help you deepen what you are learning and grow towards your desired direction.

□ Between sessions, you will have access to me by email and/or WhatsApp (I respond within 24 hours at the latest) for any questions, thoughts, or issues that may arise.

□ You will get access to a customized set of resources, depending on the stage of the journey and the material we cover in each session. These will include:

➙ The Break-Free Personal Assessment, to identify what’s holding you back
➙ Downloadable workbooks with tools and exercises designed to help you gain clarity and build confidence and momentum
➙ Other assessments, as needed
➙ My signature tool, The Career Futures Reflection Guide to help you assess and visually compare your options for the future

□ At the end of The Uncaged Journey program, you will have:

➙ A Personal Action Plan for building the life you want and deserve, broken down by milestones and small steps.
➙ A set of resources I will create to support your growth and help you overcome stumbling blocks on the way.
➙ The option to schedule three 45-minute follow-up accountability calls, 1, 2 and 3 months after completing the program.
➙ The option to schedule additional monthly accountability calls with me, at a reduced rate.

Are you ready to start your Uncaged Journey?

In The Uncaged Journey, you will get access to:

➙ Twelve 1-hour-long coaching calls with me [CHF 3,000 value]
➙ Three 45-minute follow-up accountability calls [CHF 560 value]
➙ The Break-Free Personal Assessment [CHF 279 value]
➙ The Career Futures Reflection Guide [CHF 500 value]
➙ Downloadable workbooks [CHF 500 value]

Total value: CHF 4,839
What you pay instead:

CHF 4,000

Pay upfront and save
CHF 839!

Or CHF 750/month

Pay with 6 months payment plan and save CHF 339
Not sure if this is the right program for you?

You can schedule a free introductory call with me, during which I will answer your questions and together we will assess whether The Uncaged Journey is the best next step for you.

What people say about working with me

When I started working with Katia, I had just moved to a new country for work, and had trouble defining my possible future(s), and how to meet my professional and personal goals. After six sessions of intense discussion, projection, and exercises with Katia, I managed to clearly define what I want to achieve in the coming years and what compromise I will or will not accept, which made me much more peaceful and happy. Katia always made the discussions interesting and comfortable, asking the right questions and suggesting relevant exercises, with a very good memory of what we had discussed in previous sessions, and very high empathy. I highly recommend working with her.

Victor C., Post-doctoral researcher

When I started working with Katia, I was overwhelmed with many areas of my life that I wanted to improve – from health to career to personal growth. And I was attempting to navigate all of this while planning a move abroad. Katia blended her deep personal knowledge of global living with exceptional coaching skills during our work together. Our relationship continued for over a year as I explored new topics and transitioned my career and life completely (from corporate to self employed, from perfectionist to more experimental, from stressed to more fun-loving!). I’ve put in a lot of personal effort to achieve this, yet I cannot imagine how I would have achieved it without her. Thank you, Katia.

Lara M., Life Coach

Katia is a highly skilled and intuitive coach. She was a great thinking partner and helped me to move forward with greater levels of confidence and to discover new perspectives around my professional areas of growth and aspirations. I approached her with very specific goals in mind and, in the end, achieved much more than I had envisioned! I strongly recommend Katia to anyone looking for a caring, talented and impactful coach.

Lucila P., University Dean

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can’t I just do this on my own?

What I can tell you from my own journey and from coaching people who have tried to go it alone (and then decided to reach out to me), is that it takes a lot longer without support. With an experienced coach by your side, you will quickly identify what’s keeping you stuck, and get launched on the path that brings you closer to your dreams – right away!

One of the reasons why coaching is so effective – besides experience and a proven methodology – is accountability. Accountability has been proven to increase focus, motivation, and confidence, all of which positively impact results – and you will get that throughout your Uncaged Journey.

How does accountability work?

During as well as between our coaching sessions, I will hold you accountable, whether it’s by providing feedback on your “homework,” assessments, goals and plans; working with you to draw lessons from your commitments and actions; or cheering you on as you implement the steps that will bring you closer to your goals, dreams and aspirations.

What if I haven’t done the homework?

We are all human and life happens, so there may be times when you haven’t had the time or motivation to do the homework. In coaching, we believe that everything that happens to us is an opportunity to learn, and accountability helps in those cases as well. We will discuss what you learned from not doing the homework and whether there are adjustments that we can make (including dropping this homework altogether and replacing it by something else) to enhance your learning and growth.

I’ve never worked with a coach before. What will I experience in the sessions? What should I expect?

During our sessions together, I will guide you through a structured process to clarify your vision, lay out and assess your options, set goals, and make a plan with key steps and milestones for pursuing your goals. In the process, we will use practical tools (exercises, assessments) in addition to coaching methodologies. While the process is structured, there will always be room for flexibility to adapt to your specific needs and what comes up for you during or between sessions.

As a coach, in principle, I will not be giving you advice or telling you what’s best for you (after all, you are the expert in your own life), but you can expect me to ask you powerful questions (hint: they’re the ones you have to think a bit before you anwer), check assumptions and question or encourage you to reframe beliefs.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?

Things can happen unexpectedly – to both of us – so it’s understandable that you may need to reschedule a session. Our time is valuable, so I ask that you give me at least 24 hours notice, when feasible, so that I can adjust my schedule. I will, of course, do the same.

Hi, I’m Katia. I’m a certified life coach, writer and global nomad.

I’m on a mission to support brilliant, ambitious, globally minded women like you break free from what’s keeping you stuck and pursue your dreams and aspirations boldly and unapologetically. I’m excited about supporting you to fulfill your potential without being weighed down by guilt.

I left a successful career as a researcher and military analyst to follow my passion, which was to help expats navigate transitions and build thriving lives abroad. I wrote a book—A Great Move: Surviving and Thriving in Your Expat Assignment—a guide for making successful international moves. Somewhere along the way I discovered coaching—and my true purpose in life.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped by your own choices, powerless and not in control of your own life. I’ve experienced the frustration of feeling like you’re wasting your potential. And I’ve found out the hard way that the only way to get out of this conundrum is to stop feeling like a victim and take responsibility for your own life. Starting over from scratch is not easy but it’s immensely rewarding. I’m here to accompany you on this journey.

The Uncaged Journey is an offer I’ve developed to guide you every step of the way on your path to transformation and fulfilment.

I can’t wait to support you to start building the life you want and deserve!