Rob & Julie Sitomer, School counsellors

“My wife and I were having difficulty making a big life decision of whether to continue to live abroad in Munich, return home to our ‘secure’ job and schools for our kids back home in the US, or move to Zurich. Over the course of several weeks, we tied ourselves in knots trying to independently make a decision. We flip/flopped back and forth between our three options to the point that we could no longer differentiate which opportunity was best for our family. With only 6 weeks to make this important decision, we recognized that we needed the counsel of a well-skilled, compassionate, and experienced person to help us better evaluate these options and come to a final decision from a place of strength rather than desperation. Katia is all of those things and more!

As a result of working with Katia, we were able to explore each of the options, quantify our personal values by using a Life Wheel, and then exploring our feelings in our weekly sessions. After lots of introspection and lively discussions, along with well thought out homework assignments between our meetings we were able to comfortably come to a final decision. Katia’s assistance helped us quiet the ‘noise’ so we could finally hear what our gut was telling us and be confident in that choice.

My wife and I highly recommend Katia without any hesitation and will continue our relationship with her for years to come. Her interpersonal skills are so fantastic it is as if we were talking to a close friend. Katia listens attentively and consistently asks thought-provoking questions that helped lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and our feelings. We feel extremely fortunate to have worked with her during this time.”