Nele L., University Professor

“I was looking for a professional coach to advise and coach me through the transition into my next career stage. For me, it is important that my coach understands the way I choose to live and that moving to different countries is part of my life. Katia Vlachos is a specialist in coaching ex-pats and people who are facing life transitions. Her experience as an ex-pat and former researcher sets her apart from other coaches. Within the coaching sessions, we have had very useful exchanges. Instead of mapping out a direct path, Katia helped me design a broader purpose and opened me up to new perspectives. The conversations with Katia were about identifying my strengths, identifying values and goals, reducing blind-spots, and becoming more self-aware in the choices I make. I learned a lot from her on dealing with negotiation and communication challenges and finding a guiding vision. Overall, Katia’s coaching has been fruitful in making me think more about what motivates me and thinking about the nature of work that will inspire me in the future. The hour-long conversations and ‘homework’ has provided me with much-needed reflection. I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Katia and find her very warm, welcoming, focused and well-reflected.”