Marta C., Montessori teacher

“I have lived outside my country for more than 10 years and I have experienced lots of wonderful things.
I’ve met my husband, I’ve known great people, travelled to amazing places, grown as a person, learned different languages, tasted different flavors, overcome difficult times and the list keeps on growing.
Also, I’m convinced that we are giving great opportunity to our kids with it.
This year is exceptional, it will be the longest period I’m away from my beloveds. Great things are happening here, but still I miss them everyday
How can we balance that? Can we have more than one home? Can you be happy and sad at the same time?! If you hear me with any of these feelings, I highly recommend you to contact Katia, She is an experienced expat and career coach and an expat herself but above all she is a marvellous person who will listen and guide you through this journey.”