Kim Steinhoff, Finance Business Partner

“I recently relocated with my husband and our three small children from the US to Switzerland and, through a series of fortunate events, I was connected with Katia. When I first met her, I was overwhelmed with the flood of changes that an international move brings, not to mention drowning with unprocessed events from the past 5 years. I was nervous for my first appointment with her, but in less than an hour, she created an atmosphere of trust and respect that felt both comfortable and organic. And from there, it only improved. My time with Katia was productive in every aspect of my life, and her expertise in expat life was an enormous boon- reading her book, “A Great Move,” was a turning point for me in understanding and addressing the reasons I was struggling to adjust to life in Switzerland. I’m also walking away from our sessions with greater clarity on “what/who I want to be when I grow up” thanks to our discussions and the tools she has developed and shared with me. Overall, working with Katia has given me a sense of peace, hope, and empowerment. I would, without a shred of doubt, highly recommend Katia.