Dr. Leonore Jungandreas, Postdoctoral Researcher

I had the choice between different coaches at the beginning – intuitively, I chose Katia. My intuition was totally correct! Katia is so affectionate, open, and positive. From the beginning, I had a good connection and felt safe and comfortable talking to her.

Initially, I wanted to do “career coaching” to know where I want to go and if that’s the right path for me. After four hours with Katia, I had a much clearer picture – of my possible career path but mainly of myself! The questions she confronted me with were not always easy and made me think deeper about what I am actually struggling with. I ended up unraveling my fears, which hindered me from having the self-confidence to pursue my plans and aspirations.

There is a lot more to do, but with Katia I feel very positive and safe to explore further the things holding me back or giving me hard times.

I sincerely thank you, Katia, and look forward for more lessons you coach me to come!