Based on my research and work with expats in transition, I developed these tools and resources to help ensure your next move is A Great Move. Here you’ll find:

A Checklist to help you manage every phase of the move, so that you can make the most of the experience and thrive in your new home.

• A Self-Assessment Tool to help you understand how your personal characteristics affect the way you adapt to changes in life circumstances.

• A Tip Sheet to help you make a smooth transition and maintain your sanity in the process.

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This is a list of my favorite resources that can assist you with every stage of a move, from the initial decision, to planning and preparing, to managing the logistics and, last but not least, settling in and creating your new home. The list is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to recommend sites that you think should be included!

Expat Portals

News, information, destination guides, expat interviews, blog listings, job listings and other information on living and working abroad – both location-specific and general.

Easy Expat

Expat Exchange


Just Landed

Expat Focus

Expat Forum


Expat Blogs

Below are some listings of expat blogs, usually classified by location.

Expat Blog



​Favorite expat blogs by ExpatJoy

Internations Business Solutions Insights

Expat Books

These are lists of books with an expat focus, both fiction and non-fiction.

Books we love by ExpatNest

Other Expat Reading (magazines, newspapers)

Telegraph Expat

Relocate Magazine

Expat Networks/Communities

Families in Global Transition


Expat Network

What Expats Can Do

Expat Meetups (1,905 Meetup groups worldwide, with 1.1 million members in 530 cities and 70 countries).

Expat Coaching/Counselling


World Tree Coaching

Sea Change Mentoring

​Sites That Focus on Expat Women

Expat Woman


Podcasts with an Expat Focus

The BitterSweet Life

Tandem Nomads

The Lonely Diplomat