Relationship Coaching

  • Are you dealing with relationship challenges or relationship breakdown, such as separation or divorce, while abroad? Do you feel overwhelmed and struggle to cope?
  • Do you need to deal with this situation away from your support system, and worry about having to figure out next steps in a language you don’t master, while making sure your family is ok?

Whether you are an expat or not, going through relationship challenges or breakdown is uniquely challenging. For expats already adjusting to new cultures and environments, losing a key part of your support network can be devastating. For those at the Decision phase of considering an international assignment (but also for expats in other phases of moving or living abroad) relationship breakdowns, especially those involving children, can add considerably to the complexity of the great moves in other areas of your life.

For partners of expats, it’s not unusual to find yourself feeling a little lost, struggling to settle in, find meaningful work and create a sense of home in a completely new environment. While companies often prepare professionals well for the logistics of an international assignment, there are fewer resources available for the partners and family.

A coach with expertise in expat transitions can help you by:

  • Helping you make sense of the process, design a plan of action, and gather resources for dealing with both practical and emotional challenges
  • Making sure that you engage in self-care throughout this process ​
  • Providing a source of emotional support through the transition and accompanying you on your path to your new life ​
  • Being committed to your personal well-being and that of your family throughout the process

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