Expat Transition Coaching

• Are you considering making an international move and need support deciding whether it is right for you (and your partner or family)?

• Have you just accepted an expat assignment and need help managing the key phases of relocation, from planning, to moving, to settling in, and setting yourself (and those who move with you) up to thrive in your new home?

• Have you recently relocated and need experienced guidance and support to anticipate and cope with adjustment to a new country and culture?

Through years of extensive field research (as well as 20+ years living as an expat), I’ve identified four phases of the expat journey that are universal to globally mobile professionals and families from all walks of life:

The Decision

Moving abroad, uprooting yourself and your family, is a big decision. What are the issues you need to consider? How do you prioritize the decisions that need to be made? Should you even move at all? With coaching, you can evaluate your biggest life decisions with a seasoned expat who has vast research experience on the subject.

The Preparation

Have you identified and prioritized the most important choices you need to make? How can you prepare to create home in your new location? How can you set up a support network in advance? Preparation is key to a successful expat transition. There is plenty to do before you leave. Let me help you in this crucial stage of your move.

The Move

Saying goodbye, managing the logistics and responding to the needs of your family, among others, while you or your partner start a new job overseas, can be overwhelming. I work with clients at this stage to help them effectively handle the move, while maintaining their physical and mental well-being. I also provide them with the tools and strategies needed to maintain strong connections with their partners and family.

The Transition

While the decision phase can be difficult, and the period before and after the move brings its own challenges, it is the transition or settling-in phase which is the most crucial. How do you effectively create home in your new location? Whether it is by designing a welcoming physical space, building a social network early on or creating routines and rituals, to cite a few examples, I can guide you through the process of settling in and help you find home wherever you are.

Whether you’re evaluating the possibility of an international assignment and are seeking pre-departure support, or are already an expat easing into a new way of life, an expat transition coach can help you navigate every phase of your international move.

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