Coaching Services: Here’s how we can work together

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Are you ready to break free from what’s keeping you trapped, take control of your life and career, and pursue your aspirations without feeling guilty or overwhelmed?

I can help.

I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach trained at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I work with talented, ambitious, globally minded women who feel trapped by their own choices—whether that’s taking a step back in their career, moving to a new country, starting a family, or something else—and want to live up to their full potential and create a fulfilling life and career without being weighed down by guilt or overwhelm. I know first-hand the challenges and dilemmas they face because I used to be in the exact same situation.

In my work, I bring a multitude of coaching methods and tools, 25+ years of experience leading a global life, and a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges and rewards of personal growth and transformation.

Coaching Format 

Although I’m based in Switzerland and meet with some of my clients locally, I work with clients from all over the world. I conduct coaching sessions in person, by phone, or online (Zoom), and offer additional, between-session support by email and/or chat.

While most clients benefit from an ongoing coaching relationship, I also work with clients on a short-term basis and even provide single power sessions. The format is custom-designed around the client’s unique needs, schedule, timeline, and constraints.

My coaching style is all about creating a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment where I both support and challenge my clients to help them move forward, get unstuck, overcome fears or challenges and achieve their goals and dreams.

My Coaching Offers 

Below are three ways you can work with me.

If you can’t find something that fits you here, get in touch and we will create a program tailored to your unique needs.

Break Free Power Session

Get clear on what’s keeping you trapped and reflect on your next steps to get unstuck with this personalized assessment and 90-minute debrief coaching session.

Define Your Dream

A six-week coaching program to clarify your vision and the choices available to you on your path to create the life you want.

The Uncaged Journey

An intensive 6-month coaching program that will help you get unstuck, define your vision, and make bold decisions to pursue the life you want.

Getting Started & What To Expect 

The best way to get started is to complete this brief online intake questionnaire. The next step is a free 30 minute consultation, to evaluate fit and determine next steps.

While all coaching sessions are different depending on the client and his or her circumstances, be prepared to be asked some challenging and thought-provoking questions. During the coaching process we will work with a number of tools and resources, such as checklists, reading materials and homework. 😉

Are you ready to build the life you want?