A Great Move by Katia Vlachos

A Great MoveWhat makes A Great Move?

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Whether you are a first-time expat or an experienced one, this book provides the principles and proven process you need to follow to make a successful international move. Principles such as the importance of knowing your concept of home, understanding the stages of transition, and taking into consideration the needs of everyone who moves, equip you with the right mindset for approaching every phase of the move. The step-by-step process described in this book guides you in deciding whether and where to move, planning and preparing for relocation, making the move with minimal stress or surprises and, finally, settling in and creating your new home. Based on extensive research and interviews with expats from diverse backgrounds, the book addresses both the practical and emotional aspects of expat life. Filled with real stories and practical tools, A Great Move is the only resource you need to survive and thrive in your expat adventure..



“Ms Vlachos has written a coherent guide on how to plan, from mental prep to the complexity of packing…If you are preparing to relocate — or even just thinking about it — this book could help minimise stress, whether you are doing it alone or with your family.”

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Advance Praise for A Great Move

“Finally, a book about moving abroad that addresses the social, emotional and psychological along with the physical, practical and career considerations! Katia Vlachos’s A Great Move: Surviving and Thriving in Your Expat Assignment covers all the bases, outlining the five areas that truly matter and demand your attention as you move through the stages of deciding, preparing, moving and settling in a different country or culture. The balance between information, empathy and guidance is perfect, with stories of actual expat experiences woven throughout, along with snapshot assessments, chapter Checklists, and Common Mistakes. A Great Move will help you create the conditions for having the challenging, yet compulsory caring conversations, connection and clarity needed when considering an international move, and the tools to help make the ensuing transitions shorter, softer and steadier.”

Linda Janssen, author of The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures


“A Great Move is everything you need to make a successful expatiate assignment. With all the bases covered, Katia superbly captures the fundamental thoughts, emotions and drivers crucial in deciding to leave the comfort of your home (or country), enjoying the assignment adventure, all while achieving your personal and professional goals.”

Paul Kelly, Global Relocation & Immigration Program Manager, Intel Corporation

Advance praise #3

“An amazingly complete book that looks at the needs of adults as well as children in any global move. It includes thoughtful advice wise movers must consider in order to maintain emotional as well as physical balance during this time. A Great Move is replete with solid, practical suggestions for what all members of the family can do to not only move well, but also thrive in the new place. For all those planning to move, this book is invaluable.”

Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, 3rd edition

Advance praise #2

“A new career opportunity in another country is always exciting. As they prepare for the role, leaders can neglect to fully consider replicating the strong support systems that enabled them to achieve success in their home environment. This can lead to unhappiness and frustration in the initial stages of the move, potential underperformance and in extreme cases, even failure. Katia Vlachos highlights the need for the same attention to planning for potential lifestyle, infrastructure and cultural changes as they would for the new role itself. This book is a great ‘how to’ to ensure a successful transition and a great read for anyone considering a global move.”

Alan Watts, President, Asia-Pacific, Hilton

Advance praise #1

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