Well, hello there!

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I’m delighted to introduce to you my new baby – it’s a blog I’m launching called Breaking Free.

Breaking Free from what? I’m glad you asked.

But before I get into the what, let me tell you about the why behind this blog.

Breaking Free has been in the making for a long time, and it reflects my professional evolution and enhanced self-awareness.

For the past decade, I’ve focused on expat transitions and helping people thrive while leading a global life. I’ve written extensively about expats and coached them through transitions.

However, in the past few years, my focus shifted, as I found I was attracting a different type of client. They weren’t ‘just’ expats navigating moves or other life transitions. More and more, they were people who felt stuck and unfulfilled. They were mostly women who’d made choices that left them feeling trapped in lives they didn’t find meaningful. They were accomplished, competent, and ambitious but not living up to their potential. Frustrated and sometimes even demoralized, they longed to break free and take back control of their lives.

At the same time, I was reflecting on my own (similar) journey as I went through the process of writing my new book, a memoir. Many of the topics and questions that came up in my coaching work (how do I regain my confidence, set healthy boundaries, prioritize myself without feeling guilty, redefine my identity, and many more)—were questions I’d grappled with myself in the not-so-distant past. They were themes common to many life transitions.

Whenever I brought up these subjects—in conversations with friends or on my social media—I noticed that they resonated with many. Something clicked.

And so, the idea of Breaking Free was born. It’s my way to continue these conversations and hopefully add some value beyond my one-to-one clients.

Now, for the what:

Breaking Free…

…from a lifestyle, career, relationship, or other situation that is no longer fulfilling to move towards one that aligns with our values and sense of purpose.
…from what’s expected of us, to focus on what we want.
…from the need to keep everyone happy and towards prioritizing our own needs.
…from our own stories, beliefs, and assumptions that keep us stuck and towards choosing beliefs that empower us.
…from feeling powerless and victimized to taking responsibility for our lives and feeling empowered to make bold choices—our own choices.

I could go on.

What should you expect to read about here?

In Breaking Free, I will address three main themes: Mindset, Choice, and Bold Decisions.

  • The mindset shifts that are important to make to get unstuck and break free;
  • The choices available to us as we take control of our lives; and
  • The decisions we make on the path to pursuing our aspirations and fulfilling our potential.
  • And since I’m finishing my second book, I will occasionally reflect on the writing process or themes central to the book.

I will post every Thursday to provide some inspiration and food for thought to take with you on the weekend.

The best part of being a writer is (not the writing, for sure) the exchange one has with one’s audience and how it enriches both our perspectives. So please, do reach out. Let me know what resonates and what doesn’t. If there are topics within the scope of this blog that you’d like me to address; or topics I’ve touched upon where you’d like me to go into more depth.

And please bear with me while I master the tech aspects of blogging—it’s a learning curve 😉

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Welcome to Breaking Free.